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About Eletro Technik


Electro Technik Industries, Inc. was first incorporated in 1981 and is now more than 36 years old. The company is headquartered in Clearwater, Florida, on the west coast of the state in the Tampa Bay area. From its inception, ETI has specialized in the design and manufacture of passive electronic components. They organize their resources into three business units or groups including; capacitive/resistive products, microwave/RF products, and magnetics/transformer products.


Although ETI is a sizable parent company, it is still privately held. They don't have investor relations, they have customer relations. They're not investor driven, they're customer driven. Their business is built on their successes with their customers, who keep coming back.

There are twelve subsidiary companies including: Arizona Capacitors, Custom Suppression, Hytronics, Inductive Technologies, Nova Microwave, Raycom Electronics, Res-Net Microwave, Star Microwave, Tepro, Hymeg, Plastic Capacitors and Winatic.

Each of these companies was a stand-alone manufacturer at one time and many still operate in that capacity. In either case, each is still run as an individual subsidiary. The companies complement each other in many areas of expertise, application, design assistance, capital equipment, and manufacturing capabilities. The end result is that ETI can select and channel the customer needs to the most appropriate set of resources.

About Electro Technik

Electro Technik is the parent company for multiple passive electronic component companies organized into three primary business units including; capacitive/resistive products, microwave/RF products, and magnetics/transformer products.

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